About Dr. Chris

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Speaking Topics

Shut Up Stop Talking to Me: Beating the Negative Voices in Your Head
The Science of Quantum Physics

Recovery from Religoius Trauma
Facing Fear
Motivating Yourself from Within
Cultivating Your Happiness


Areas of Specialization

33 years of counseling experience with over 20 k clinical contacts: populations include treating those with Chronic PTSD, deep seating interpersonal trauma, substance abuse, co-occurring, mental health and personality disorders; treating patients with substance abuse and traumatic brain injuries, depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Teaching background includes facilitating over 300 courses, connecting with over 3000 students among 4 universities/colleges with focuses in mental health counseling, psychology and human services courses.

Educational consulting in the areas of neurobiology of addictive disorders; Treating adolescent with co-occurring disorders; Managing the TBI/Substance abuse client; Agency restructuring & Boot camp for new Counselors.  Work includes interacting with school systems to teach and develop curriculum for the student body on various topics related to drugs and alcohol.

Dr. Shreve’s Therapeutic approach

Using a mind-body approach, I teach patients:

How to recover from the effects of an over thinking mind that will not shut up.

How to find and maintain “Wellness,” how to address the seven areas of wellness and create a comprehensive treatment plan.

How to use CBT to organize and identify irrational thinking. 

The principles of “energy medicine” like meditation to “turn-off” the over-thinking mind.

From a person-centered approach, teach you specific coping skills to address all your clinical issues.

About Me

Dr. Chris Allen Shreve, PhD, LPC, NCC is a classically trained mental health counselor, traumatologist, executive coach/consultant, seasoned educator and skilled trainer who is Board Certified and State licensed.

Under Dr. Chris Allen Shreve, LLC, in addition to above mentioned services, Dr. Shreve provides, clinical assessment and psychometric testing for AAD/ADHD/Substance Abuse and court ordered evaluations.

Dr. Shreve currently provides only virtual counseling services via a software encrypted platflorm that ensures complete confidentiality.

Dr. Shreve’s mailing address is 220 south Main Street, Royal Oak, MI 48067